Day 75 of San Francisco Shelter in Life

It's Day 75 of San Francisco Shelter in Place order.  It's getting really chaotic because of the Minneapolis incident.  Following that incident, there are many protests for the police who killed George Floyd in all major cities including here in San francisco.  After peaceful protest, it turned really ugly at night time and it turned into a riot.  I went out for Bambi's walk and grocery shopping yesterday but I came home before 8pm so I didn't run into the riot.  However, I was really close to the riot and the helicopters were flying all night long.  The crowd is risking COVID-19 infection because many people were not wearing masks and not keeping to social distancing.


curfew tonight

Because of the last couple days  of riots, San Francisco ordered a curfew tonight from 8pm to 5am next morning.  I will go home early tonight and cuddle with Bambi.  It's so sad ... COVID-19 killed many people and impacted too many people's lives and now people are killing people and hurting many people's business which already were badly impacted.  Still, there is police excess force, daily abuse of powers and racism.  We have a lot of things to work out.  It's really the biggest subject of all time.

Through Bambi's eyes, there are no races.  Dog's eye is color blind.  She is all about love not hate.  She is much smarter than human.




All about LOVE ♥♥♥


Day 72 of San Francisoc Shelter in Life

It's Day 72 of San Francisco Shelter in Place order.  When I am at home, I often feel that someone is looking at me.  During the day time, only Bambi and I are home.  So, of course, the watcher is Bambi ♡  Bambi is always sleeping but sometimes I feel something.  No wonder!  She is looking at me intensely.  She surprises me sometimes since she was in deep sleep 10 seconds ago and she is watching me so intensely!  



I don't know what is so interesting about me... but she has been looking at me all the time since she was a puppy.  It's been 12 years.  She doesn't seem to get tired of it.  I also watch her all the time while she is sleeping, too.  I guess we are the same.

See?  Whenever I look at her...she is always watching me. ↑  She is too cute!!!  My cutest stalker ever ♡  

日本語でもぶろぐ書いています。 リンクはここ!



Mama is my stalker!


Day 71 of San Francisoc Shelter in Life

It's Day 71 of San Francisco Shelter in Place order.  That means it's been 71 days I spend all day everyday with my baby Bambi (chihuahua).  At beginning, Bambi was following me around all day but now most of the time she sleeps next to me or on my lap.  She sleeps a lot!  Sometimes, she does really weird move.  She gets up and starts to walk and suddenly stops and just stands there.  She does that at the kitchen, in the living room ... very random places.  While she is standing, she is usually not looking at anything just looking down.  


what's up Bambi?

Bambis back is very it's natural for her to look down.  She is almost like a toy dog run out of batteries.  I call her "Bambi?"...then she starts moving.  What's going on Bambi?

Bambi loves to go out and she runs a lot like a young pup.  But, are her weird moves some kind of symptoms of aging?  Life with a senior pup, it will be endless worries...!  She is only 12 but already at 12.  I hope she will be well and happy for the rest of her long life.




Mama, Don't worry, I am still a baby!


Day 70 of San Francisco Shelter in Life ★ 1week Keto Life

It's Day 70 of San Francisco Shelter in Place order.  Since I started ketogenic Life Style , it's been 1 week.  I thought I would write my keto experience every week to share with whomever is interested in keto life and for myself mainly for my record and motivation.  

Before I started ketogenic diet , I ate almost the all carbs I wanted...breads, chips and cake for until the last two days before keto.  It's pathetic but I love carbs so much and needed this ritual before starting on full keto.  I gained 3lb. because of that and I started from there. 

Day1 : I had really bad diarrhea (ew! sorry!) for about 30 min.  I am not sure if it was keto flu or just the fact that I ate too much the previous day?

Day2 : Severe headache though I always have headaches at least once or twice a month *hormonal headache I think so I am not sure if it was keto flu ... but I had to lie down for a while.  I didn't take any medications for that but I took tumeric supplement for it.  

Day 3 : Woke up with light headache...took some more supplement but it was okay the rest of the day

Day 4-5 : No headache  No hungers

Day 6 : Strong hunger all day.  Insomnia (keto flu ?)

Day 7 : Fatigue all day (keto flu ?) 

It seemed that it was quite a bad week but actually it was not so bad a week at all.  I felt no hunger for the most part except day6 and maybe little on day7.  I was eating so much carbs so I expected severe keto flu but so far it's not bad at all.  I always have headaches and hunger from my high carb diet so maybe I am used to it.  Last week was i prepared fun and challenging new keto recipes and enjoyed dessert without any guilt!


challenging new keto recipes

My last week weight loss is 6lbs!  I guess the first 3lb doesn't count since I gained 3 lb right before my starting date.  Still, I lost 3lb from that.  I never lost any pounds without starving myself and I did the exact opposite last week.  So, it's a big win for me!   


1st week of keto life

These are part of my last week keto foods ↑.  See?  pretty good volume right?  I made lots of new recipes such as keto zuchnni bake, keto rasberry cheese cake cookies and keto pancakes!  All foods were very satisfying and surprisingly delicious!   

I started keto life IG account @ketolog518 




Mama lost 1.5 Bambi weight!


Day 68 of San Francisco Shelter in Life

It's Day 68 of San Francisco Shelter in Place order.  It's (Bambi, Bambi papa and I) walk time!  Ellie (silkey terrier) and Ellie mama joined our family walk on Saturday.  Bambi is very shy with people and doggies but she is totally fine with big little sister Ellie.  They are very different in size and age so they don't play together but they walk together.  So cute to see them walking together every time ♡

Ellie was also very shy with people except her family at the beginning but she accepted me pretty quickly as her family.  I love her for that and I felt so special ♡  Ellie is now very friendly with everybody and I am so proud of her but at the same time...I miss her "special" love.  


oh no!

Especially yesterday!  Bambi papa was very popular with Ellie.  I was jealous of him!  Bambi was heart-broken seeing them together, too.  Yes, she is very possesive of her papa!  I am usually the popular one among pups and kitties...but no "Ace Ventura" power yesterday. 


Ellie and Bambi papa

See?  They are in love ♡  So sweet and so jealous!  Ellie gave me lots of belly and wags, too... she is such a LOVING pup and we all love her ♥♥♥  Unlimited LOVE is pup's love ♥♥♥




No Ellie!  Bambi papa is off limit!  


Day 66 of San Francisco Shelter in Life ★ Human Parking Spot

It's Day 66 of Shelter in Place order.  San Francisco was not moved on to next stage of reopening shelter in place order yet but slowly moving toward to stage 2 reopening.  The parking lots at most parks are open (with limited cars) now.  In order to maintain "social distance", some of the popular parks in San Francisco have human parking spot now.  It's just several circles drawn with chalk and you have to stay in the circle.  Yes pretty weird!


Human Parking Spot

Memorial Day weekend is coming up!  It's gonna be very nice weather so these spots will be filled pretty quickly.  I guess it'll work.  I am getting used to weird things after COVID-19... So I am not too surprised by "human parking spots".  After COVID-19, the world is pretty strange but whatever works!

Bambi (right) is trying to keep her "social distance" from Nana (left). ↑  Bambi is very strict about her boundry but it was nothing to do with COVID-19.  She has been practicing this forever!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  




We need puppy parking spot, too!



Day 65 of San Francisco Shelter in Life ★ Bambi Baby Seal

It's Day 65 of San Frrancisco Shelter in Place order.  I am staying home with Bambi (Chihuahua) most of the day now but before stay-home, I love to come home to her everyday.  It was my favorite time of the day.  It didn't matter what shitty day I had...Bambi's baby seal face made me smile.  She always welcomed me with her baby seal face...with absolutely NO ears ☺☺☺


Baby Seal?

When she is so happy or she is being baby, her ears disappear.  Bambi has so many expressions but this is one of my favorite espressions.  Soooo cute ♥♥♥  Her big ears are gorgeous and prettiest though.  


No ears!

See?  She looks like baby seal without ears.  I feel so lucky to spend more time with her now.  We have so many bad news and lots of stress at this time...but I can always find happiness with Bambi.  Focus on your happiness ... if you can.  Hopefully, it'll get better soon.  




Bambi?  Seal?  I thought I am a human!